Habitat Mapping of the Great Barrier Reef

This project aims to develop one contiguous baseline habitat map for the whole of the Great Barrier Reef. This study builds on previous work in the Capricorn Bunker group by applying improved mapping and modelling techniques to the shallow off shore reefs of the Cairns to Cooktown Management Region.


Coral Reef Habitat Mapping and Monitoring

The Remote Sensing Research Centre is developing techniques to map and monitor the Heron Reef and Capricorn Bunker Group. Integrated high spatial resolution satellite imagery and field data monitor the reef habitats at various hierarchical spatial scales, creating a time series of benthic habitat maps since 2002. 


Seagrass Habitat Mapping and Monitoring

This project aims to understand the biophysical characteristics of seagrass in space and time by focusing studies at Eastern Banks, Moreton Bay, Queensland since 1999. 


Capacity Building and Citizen Science

The Remote Sensing Research Centre is a strong supporter of capacity building and Citizen Science. The RSRC provides workshops in coastal and marine remote sensing to various government and non government agencies in the Asia Pacific, and supports citizen science based monitoring and mapping projects. 


Current Coastal and Research Projects

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