In the first instance the intended borrower must read and agree, without exception, to all conditions of use below and then email the following information to RSRC Equipment:

  • An explicit description of the intended use/purpose of the equipment including the intended location where it will be used and details of the environment,
  • The duration the equipment is required,
  • Details of experience of using field instruments. You may be required to undertake basic training of equipment.

The intended borrower will be advised, by return email, on their application approval. Please note that an application may be declined due to availability (UQ RSRC have precedence over bookings), the nature of the request does not meet suitable research purposes, or insufficient trained personnel will be present or available.

Conditions of Use

  • All equipment must be operated by an approved and trained operator, where appropriate.
  • The borrower is liable for any loss or damage to the equipment. The borrower must return the equipment in the same condition is was borrowed. However, if loss or damage does occur to the equipment, or any accompanying components and accessories the borrower accepts responsibility and will meet the cost of the insurance excess and/or repair/replacement costs.
  • The borrower will organise and incur all costs of transportation/shipping.
  • On return of the equipment, the borrower will demonstrate that all borrowed equipment is operational.