The RSRC’s facilities consist of highly specialised field equipment used for measuring biophysical properties and processes in the environment and linking these to satellite, airborne or drone image data sets.

For equipment bookings and availability please read the equipment borrowing procedures and then email RSRC Equipment or Michael Tobe (Lab, Tech & Field Manager at the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences).

Equipment and Hardware

Positional Measurement

  • 10 x Aeropoint, high-precision field survey targets with position recording for aerial survey (TERN AusCover resource for research share)
  • Field GNSS receivers


  • 2 x full range, 350-2500nm, ASD Spectrometers with 1o and 25o FOV, RCR FOV, Leaf clip, and Integrating sphere and 10cm Spectralon panels
  • 3 x 350-1050nm ASD Fieldspec hand-held spectrometers and 10cm Spectralon panels
  • Underwater housing for ASD fieldspec hand-held spectrometers
  • TriOS Ramses underwater irradiance (300 - 800nm) spectrometer and data logger
  • Underwater housing for Ocean Optics JazzUV/VNIR USB spectrometer
  • 2 x 25cm Spectralon panels

Plant Canopy Measurements

  • LiCOR plant canopy analyser (LAI meter) and optical sensor
  • ABC Technology Laser ranging system for measurement of tree height
  • TRAC (Tracing Radiation and Architecture of Canopies) hand-held instrument for measuring photosynthetic photon flux density and estimating canopy gap fraction and leaf area indices (LA)

Terrestrial Laser Scanners


  • TBA


  • Calibrated Exotech 100C field radiometer (TM, MSS, SPOT XS bands) , palmtop data collection PC and A/D data collection card.
  • Cimel sun photometer and portable hand held sun photometer
  • 5m x 5m black, white and grey field survey targets
  • 2 x Lowell-Pro Halogen Standard light source for Laboratory Calibration


  • ADAR-1000 multi-spectral airborne digital camera system consisting of a Kodak DCS-460 camera system, coupled with in-flight targeting video, GPS, data capture and control PC, internal and external mount (flown in planes with and without camera ports). External mount system applies to Cessna 172-RG. This system is jointly operated with Northern Territory University.
  • Sony P9 Digital camera and underwater housing with detachable wide-angle lens.
  • 3 x CANON AA540 digital camera and 1 x underwater housing with detachable wide-angle lens.
  • 2 x Lumix DMC-FT3 digital cameras and 1 x underwater housing.
  • Go-Pro with underwater housing.


    • Handheld echosounder
    • Garmin Map76 GPS with nautical charts
    • Samsung Galaxy Note
    • IPad
    • Field vegetation sampling equipment (DBH tape)
    • Field water quality sampling equipment (YSI Turbidity meter)


    • ESRI site license, including ArcGIS.
    • Beta site for Erdas Imagine.
    • Beta site for ENVI/IDL.
    • Definiens eCognition Professional (5 seats).
    • Atmospheric correction and radiative transfer models (Modtran, Hitran, ATREM, FLAASH).
    • IDRISI.
    • Sigma-0 (JPL SAR software).
    • HYPEX (hyperspectral / atmospheric correction code).
    • Fragstats.
    • Stella.
    • Matlab.
    • Primer and Statistica.