Our remote sensing mapping and monitoring research is focused on the following environments and applications:


Coral reef

  • Habitat mapping and sea level rise
  • GBR live habitat mapping
  • Subsidence on coral reefs, Solomons
  • Benthic community mapping and monitoring
  • Impact on coral structure
  • Heron Island time series analysis

Sea grass (species, cover & biomass)

  • AUV and seagrass mapping
  • Eastern Banks time series analysis
  • Moreton Bay time series analysis
  • Goldcoast seagrass properties
  • Subsidence on seagrass, Solomons


  • Individual tree crown delineation
  • Mangrove community mapping
  • Subsidence mangrove areas, Solomons

Capacity building in coastal remote sensing

  • Perth seagrass remote sensing workshop
  • Indonesia coastal remote sensing workshop
  • Toolkit


Riparian zones

  • Corridor extent mapping
  • Riparian zone width mapping
  • Stream bank condition mapping
  • Vegetation structure

Agricultural area

  • Sugarcane damage and risk
  • Avocado, macadamia and mango plantations and trees
  • Individual banana plant and plantation mapping
  • Oil palm plantations

Urban areas

  • Land-cover/land-use mapping
  • Impervious surface mapping
  • Urban heat island mapping

Gully erosion

Mine site Rehabilitation mapping and monitoring

Woody vegetation

  • Forest structural type mapping
  • Bushland extent
  • Vegetation structure
  • Remnant growth stages

Fire scars


Image Data Sets used for GEOBIA

  • WorldView-3
  • WorldView-2
  • GeoEye-1
  • QuickBird
  • Ikonos
  • Orthophotos
  • Digital aerial imagery (e.g. Vexcel Ultracam D)
  • Airborne LiDAR data (e.g. Optech ALTM3025; Riegl Q560)
  • Terrestrial Laser Scanning data (Trimble MX2 Land Mobile System)
  • UAV (e.g. Kahu Hawk with Sony NEX5 micro DSLR, 16mm lens)
  • SPOT-5
  • SPOT-6
  • RapidEye
  • Landsat-4/5 TM, 7 ETM+ and 8 OLI

Specific GEOBIA Research Applications

  • Rule set transferability
  • Change detection
  • Time-series analysis
  • Integration of multiple data sets
  • Batch-processing with eCognition Server
  • eCognition Architect solutions
  • Comparison of object- and pixel-based approaches