Potential Projects for Special Topics, Honours, Masters & Doctoral Students

The RSRC provides a collaborative and supportive research environment that accumulates and shares knowledge and technical experience, as well as enabling development of professional networks and careers in all areas using remote sensing. Our centre’s activities are closely linked to state and commonwealth environmental science, monitoring and management agencies, major private companies, major space agencies and international environmental science and monitoring programs.

The following is a list of the main types of projects available to 3rd and 4th year special topics, honours, coursework masters, research masters and doctoral students in the Remote Sensing Research Centre. Our projects are closely linked with other biophysical disciplines, e.g. climatology, hydrology, ecology, plant physiology through joint mapping, monitoring, modelling and management activities.
All projects are conducted as part of RSRC activities and students taking part in supported projects will become part of the group and be provided with support and access to resources and training. Please contact Professor Stuart Phinn or Dr Chris Roelfsema for more information.


Main topic areas

  • Mapping biophysical properties of the environment.
  • Monitoring changes and dynamics biophysical properties of the environment.
  • Linking remotely sensed products to legislated monitoring and management.
  • Environments: Australia, Queensland, forest, woodland, savanna and wetland environments,  seagrass, coral reefs and urban.


Specialised spatial & management scales of application

  • Continental scale.
  • State Scale.
  • Local Government Scale.


Technique specialties 

  • Vegetation structure and composition measurement (terrestrial and aquatic).
  • Vegetation biomass.
  • Linking long term field data and image data sets.
  • Time series analysis of biophysical properties and phenology.
  • Detection of disturbance and human impacts from time series analyses.
  • Object based image analysis.


Environmental focus group

  • Urban surface energy balance and heat islands.
  • Australian vegetation community dynamics:
    • Mangroves,
    • Seagrass,
    • Coral Reefs,
    • Coastal morphodynamics,
    • Terrestrial vegetation dynamics.


Specialty application projects

  • Spyglass projects - SAR and optical integration for long term field sites.
  • Google Earth and Maps Engine - long time series analysis project development.
  • Landsat archive - environmental dynamics and field data links.
  • Joint Remote Sensing Research Program - research problems.