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Climate change. Dwindling resources. Complex infrastructure. Human impacts.


Environmental challenges are motivating government, industry and research institutions to develop information streams for detecting and measuring changes from local to global scales.

With your information needs driving our research, the Remote Sensing Research Centre can give you the capability to measure and monitor changes to the environment, crops, resources or infrastructure.

Our expertise enables you to improve agricultural yields and farming efficiency, manage carbon stocks and natural resources, maintain infrastructure, prevent or manage natural disasters, and reduce the threat of biosecurity events.



Industry and government

Work with us to learn how our Joint Remote Sensing Research Program can transform satellite imagery, airborne and drone imagery, and field survey data into meaningful maps or information matched to the needs of government and industry.

You ask the questions. We conduct the research.

Together we can develop operational solutions to meet your needs.

Local and global research collaborations

Whether responding to the crisis facing coral reefs - or assisting government agencies to develop monthly, whole of state, satellite-based analytics on key environmental indicators - we understand
that the power of research is multiplied by working together.

Collaborate with us and learn how our experience and expertise will achieve your research goals.

Training next generation remote-sensing specialists

Take advantage of skills shortages in remote-sensing by studying with us. Enrol in one of our leading undergraduate or postgraduate programs, or contact us to kick-start your research higher degree.

With strong links to industry and government, you will graduate job-ready and at the leading edge of earth observation sciences globally.


Uniting Australia’s earth observation community

Keep updated with the latest information and services across industry, government, research and defence for Australian Earth Observation.

Join Earth Observation Australia (EOA), a national organisation that we established to coordinate and represent the Australian earth observation community.