Standardising Surface Reflectance from Multispectral Imagery

Large area monitoring of vegetation cover depends on relationships between field observations of cover and the spectral radiance measured by satellite image imagery sensors. Variation in measured radiance caused by factors other than variation in vegetation cover on the ground, reduce the accuracy at which vegetation cover estimates can be made from the imagery.


Mapping riparian zone attributes from high spatial resolution image & field data

Government agencies responsible for riparian environments are assessing the combined utility of field survey and remote sensing for mapping and monitoring indicators of riparian zone condition. The objective of this research has been to develop and apply mapping and monitoring routines for assessing the environmental condition of riparian zones. 


Mapping of stream bank condition from LiDAR & UltracamD image data

Bank condition is an important indicator of physical form for streams that is related to the environmental condition of riparian corridors. Our objective was to develop and test an approach for mapping bank condition from high spatial resolution airborne UltracamD image and LiDAR data in a temperate forested/urban environment.